Regional Television Advertising

Regional Television Advertising

Regional television campaigns allow advertisers to target specific geographical areas across the ITV and Channel 4 networks, with their TV advert being seen by the viewers in those regions only.

Regional advertising is ideal for business who deliver a localised rather than national service, and for advertisers wishing to test their television campaign in one or two regions before expanding nationally.

Advertisers often use combinations of Channel 4 and ITV regions (below) to maximise their reach in similar geographical areas i.e. London, North and Scotland.


Scotland, London, North, MidlandsSouth and Northern Ireland

Scotland, London, Border, Tyne Tees, Yorkshire, Granada, Meridian, Grampian, Central, Wales & West, AngliaWest Country and UTV

Follow the links above to learn more about TV advertising in the Channel 4 and ITV regions. If you’d like to find out the exact cost to advertise regionally, as part of a TV advertising campaign for your business, get in touch by completing our television Campaign Planning Form.