Cost of Television Advertising

Television Advertising Costs

The cost to advertise on TV is calculated based on the following:

  1. - The TV channel you wish to advertise on (more than 200 TV Channels to choose from)
  2. - The audience watching the TV channel (i.e. all adults, adults 16-34, ABC1 Men etc.)
  3. - The length of your advert (generally 10, 30 or 60 seconds)
  4. - The time of day your advert is broadcast (breakfast, daytime, peak, post-peak)
  5. - The programs viewing figures (i.e. the number of viewers estimated to watch the program/advert)
  6. - The commercials placement in the ad break (i.e. first in break, last in break etc..)

The cost to advertise on television can therefore vary between a few thousand pounds on niche and digital channels, to hundreds of thousands of pounds on terrestrial and larger digital channels.

Your advert length will depend on the simplicity or complexity of the message you wish to communicate and on how long is required to convince a viewer to take the desired action.

The time of day for your commercial broadcast should directly reflect the time of day your target audience are watching television.

Airtime is sold as a cost per thousand viewers, so the cost per spot will depend on the estimated number of viewers watching the channel at the time your advert is broadcast.

If you choose for your advert to be aligned with a particular program, then paying a premium to be first in break or last in break may deliver additional value.

With the reduced costs and over 100 TV channels to choose from, there has never been a better time to use TV advertising to reach new customers. For TV advertising to work, you must ensure your advert is seen by your target audience, so selection of the most relevant TV channels and broadcasting at the right time of day will be key to reaching new customers and gaining the greatest return on your investment.

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