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TV Channels watched by Adults 16 to 34

The TV channels in the image above, all provide the advertiser a route to reaching adults 16 to 34. The channels on the left have relatively small audiences, a low cost per spot and a high percentage of adults 16 to 34 watching their programmes. The channels on the right have relatively large audiences, a high cost per spot and provide higher volumes of adults 16 to 34 per broadcast.

The low cost per spot on some of the smaller channels (Scuzz, Discovery, ESPN, Heat, Chart Show, MTV Base, MTV Dance, Flava and Extreme) provides the opportunity to show adults 16 to 34 viewers your advert multiple times for a relatively small budget.

The higher cost per spot on some of the larger channels (Sky 1, ITV1, Sky Sports 1, Channel 4, Comedy Central, E4, Five, Sky Sports News, Dave, ITV2) enables advertiser to reach high numbers of adults 16 to 34 with a single broadcast.

For a detailed overview of these channels, visit the TV Channels section. To create a TV plan targeting adults 16 to 34, click here and complete the television campaign planning form.

Television viewing for adults 16 to 34

For television advertisers, adults aged between 16 and 34 represent one of the most profitable demographics available, with the media hungry audience base parading a diverse range of content preferences dependent upon varying lifestyle factors.

Both men and women aged 16 to 34 consume a large amount of television, whether the viewer is in full time employment, part time employment, a student, single mother, or bringing up a young family. For the majority, the television offers an escape from hectic daily routines, a source of much-needed alone time and a connection to the wider world.

Though nearly all adults place an emphasis on television viewing as part of the daily schedule, the ways in which this audience base consumes content vary greatly. Typically, men are more likely to be single than women and, with fewer family commitments, place a greater focus on careers and socialising. Their viewing habits are thus generally more fragmented than their female counterparts, with catch-up television particularly popular as a means of keeping up to date with their favorite programming.

Due to its voracious appetite for television content and interaction with the latest technological developments, adults aged between 16 and 34 provide television advertisers with fertile ground for promoting products. The demographic is known to engage actively with campaigns related to points of interest, and often share their viewing experiences with others, increasing the coverage of advertising drives that pique awareness through creative and innovative approaches.



Television programme content for Adults 16-34

Digital television usage amongst both men and women aged between 16 and 34 is high, with approximately 77% of females and 80% of males having access to platforms such as Sky and Freeview.

As a consequence of the expanded choice in television content afforded by digital television, the demographic displays a wide and varied taste in channel preferences, ranging from MTV through to National Geographic.

When young adults gain the chance to spend some quality time in front of the television (usually during the late evening slots and weekends) comedies, documentaries, films and drama are regularly consumed by both sexes.

Men 16 to 34 also exhibit a particular interest in sports, with Premier League football coverage on the Sky Sports network a staple of their viewing habits.

On the other hand women 16 to 34 harbour more attentiveness towards general entertainment programming such as The X Factor, with soaps another area of interest.