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TV Channels watched by Adults 35 to 54

The TV channels below all provide the advertiser a route to reaching adults 35 to 54. 

Some channels have relatively small audiences, a low cost per spot and a high percentage of adult 35 to 54 watching their programmes. Other channels have relatively large audiences, a high cost per spot and provide higher volumes of adults 35 to 54 per broadcast.
The low cost per spot on some of the smaller channels like; Discovery, Motors TV, Comedy Central, Really and CBS Drama, provides the opportunity to show adult 35 to 54 viewers your advert multiple times for a relatively small budget. 

The higher cost per spot on some of the larger channels like; ITV, Channel 4, Five, More 4ITV3Sky Atlantic , ITV2 and Dave, enables advertisers to reach high numbers of adults 35 to 54 with a single broadcast. 

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TV Viewing for Adults 35 to 54

Due to the diverse nature of this group, television-viewing habits vary greatly. Many men and women are in full-time employment, with their daily routines consumed by long days at the office.  Consequently, evening and weekend timeslots tend to generate the highest viewing figures, whilst catchup services are also gaining in popularity as technology progresses to incorporate mobile and internet platforms into television viewing.

Statistics also highlight the fact that adults aged between 35 and 54 are more likely to live within a family environment than younger viewers, with women in particular responsible for day to day childcare. As a result, their viewing habits are often more fragmented, with daytime slots just as popular as evening. For females especially, though, the television remains an essential staple of daily routine, providing the viewer with much needed ‘me’ time.

TV Advertising to Adults 35 to 54

Adults aged between 35 and 54 offer television advertisers a broad and diverse audience base, with the demographic spanning various socio-economic groups and ages. Women within this bracket account for approximately 19% of the UK population alone, with the male percentage nestled upon a similar proportion. In short, the adult 35 to 54 demographic represents one of the most profitable target audiences for television advertising campaigns.

Though adults aged 35 to 54 are generally more selective and less receptive to television advertisements – often placing a greater emphasis on products they need as oppose to want – appealing to specific points of interest does generate success for advertisers. With the diverse range of content preferences that define this demographic, television campaigns targeting adults aged 35 to 54 are bestowed with a sense of flexibility and extensive coverage.


Television programme content for Adults 35 to 54   

With the demands of a family dictating a varied consumption in television content, digital platforms are popular; with over 80% of UK adults aged 35 to 54 regularly accessing channels on services such as Sky and Freeview.

Men are particularly reliant on digital content, with the likes of the 
Sky Sports and Discovery networks comprising a sizeable segment of their viewing.

Weekend consumption of Premiership football, along with cricket and rugby, is especially popular, whilst comedies, documentaries and quality dramas are viewed on weeknights through channels such as
DaveSky Atlantic and National Geographic.

For women, terrestrial still represents a primary source of content, with 
ITV popular for general entertainment programming such as The X Factor, often shared with the whole family.

Soaps like Coronation Street and Emmerdale also attain large viewerships, whilst consumption of digital content such as Desperate Housewives is prevalent.

Both genders regularly enjoy films, with news broadcasts also viewed as a means of keeping up to date with local and global events.