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TV Channels watched by Adults 55 plus

The TV channels in the image above all provide the advertiser a route to reaching adults 55 plus. 

The channels on the left have relatively small audiences, a low cost per spot and a high percentage of adults 55 plus watching their programmes. 

The channels on the right have relatively large audiences, a high cost per spot and provide higher volumes of adults 55 plus per broadcast. 

The low cost per spot on some of the smaller channels like; True Entertainment, At The Races, TCM, AlibiITV3 and Sky Arts2, provides the opportunity to show adult 55 plus viewers an advert multiple times for a relatively small budget. 

The higher cost per spot on some of the larger channels (ITV, Ch4, Five, More4, Yesterday, ITV2 and 5USA enables advertisers to reach high numbers of adults 55 plus with a single broadcast.

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Television viewing for adults 55 plus

One prevalent feature that defines the adults 55 plus demographic is the likelihood of retirement. Another is the probability that children have either left home or are of an age that requires independence. As a consequence, both men and women have an abundance of free time compared to, say, adults aged 35 to 54, meaning more opportunities are available to pursue personal interests. For most, television viewing constitutes a primary source of the enjoyment and relaxation desired at this stage in life.

Within the UK there are an estimated 16.5 million adults over the age of 55 marking the demographic out as a sizeable audience base for television advertisers. As society continues to change and life expectancy seemingly rises by the year, adults in this age group are increasingly embracing the technological advancements and consumer values that saturate modern civilization. As a result, the potential profitability of this demographic has grown exponentially.

TV advertising to adults 55+

The adult 55+ demographic now represents a key audience base for television advertisers, with the specific interests and regular viewing habits characteristic of this group affording brands clear and manageable platforms from which to launch effective targeted campaigns. Though not as receptive towards advertising as younger demographics, adults of 50 and over are likely to engage enthusiastically with a brand if the product being promoted is of particular interest.


Television programme content for Adults 55 plus

A by product of adults over 55 becoming more accustomed with technological advancement is the growing shift towards digital television.

Approximately 70% of men and 50% of women have access to digital television content, with the diverse range of programming gratifying the specific interests of this audience base.

Freeview is particularly popular, and many adults over 55 count channels such as Yesterday and Home as personal favourites.

Generally speaking, this demographic uses television as a means of keeping up to date with events taking place around the world, and as a result news broadcasts on the likes of ITV are widely viewed. 

Women also watch ITV regularly for soaps and drama series, whilst men display more of an interest in factual content and sports programming broadcast on digital.

Daytime, weekend and early evening timeslots generate the largest viewing figures across both sexes, whilst catchup television is less popular amongst the demographic as a result of the time available to watch original transmissions of their favourite shows.