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TV Channels watched by Adults ABC1

The TV channels in the image above all provide the advertiser a route to reaching adults ABC1.

The channels on the left have relatively smaller audiences, a lower cost per spot and a high percentage of adult ABC1 watching their programmes. The channels on the right have relatively large audiences, a high cost per spot and provide higher volumes of adults ABC1 per broadcast.

The lower cost per spot on some of the smaller channels like; Comedy CentralGood FoodSky Arts and E-entertainment,  provides the opportunity to show adult  ABC1 viewers your advert multiple times for a relatively small budget.

The higher cost per spot on some of the larger channels like; ITV, Channel 4, Dave, Five, More 4ITV2, E4ITV3Sky News and Sky Atlantic, enables advertisers to reach high numbers of adults ABC1 with a single broadcast.

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Television Viewing for Adults ABC1

ABC1 viewers are also increasingly turning to time shifted viewing as a means of keeping up with their favourite programmes, often fitting their engagement with such content around their busy daily routines.

Due to the relatively high incomes of ABC1 adults, the demographic often displays a willingness to invest in the latest media technology, with digital television accessed by the vast majority of this audience base. Subscriptions to premium services are also prevalent, with Sky particularly popular as a result of its sport and film offerings.

Television Advertising to ABC1 adults

ABC1 adults are generally receptive towards advertisements promoting products of particular interest to them, but they’re also selective in their engagement, meaning brands must be creative in the execution of targeted advertising campaigns.

Changes in the socio-economic climate during recent years have facilitated a steady growth in the number of ABC1 adults living in the UK. Driven by an upsurge in educational opportunities, changes in employment patterns and a shift towards knowledge based occupations, household incomes for the middle classes have risen, providing television advertisers with a large, affluent and, most importantly, media hungry audience base.

There are approximately 24 million ABC1 adults in the UK, 12.8 million of which are male. This sizeable audience is more likely than C2DE adults to live within a family-orientated environment, balancing full-time employment with raising children.

As a result, the viewing habits of ABC1 adults are becoming increasingly fragmented, with late night viewing drawing in the biggest audiences across both sexes.

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Television programme content for ABC1 Adults   

For women within the ABC1 demographic, terrestrial television still retains a position at the forefront of their viewing habits, with Channel 4 and ITV drawing in large audiences.

Programming such as How to Look Good Naked and Escape to the Country are popular, and mix with content found on digital television channels such as HomeE4 and Living.

On the other hand, ABC1 males mostly consume programming related to sports, with 35% of all viewing occurring at the weekend thanks to live coverage of English Premier League football, rugby union and cricket. 

Sky Atlantic also generates a notable viewership, with quality drama series such as Boardwalk Empire an area of interest. Both ABC1 men and ABC1 women engage with news broadcasts, whilst general entertainment such as The X Factor is watched with the whole family.