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TV Channels watched by Adults C2DE

The TV channels in the image above all provide the advertiser a route to reaching adults C2DE.

The channels on the left have relatively small audiences, a low cost per spot and a high percentage of adult C2DE watching their programmes. The channels on the right have relatively large audiences, a high cost per spot and provide higher volumes of adults C2DE per broadcast.

The low cost per spot on some of the smaller channels like; Challenge, QuestVault and CBS Drama, provides the opportunity to show adult  C2DE viewers your advert multiple times for a relatively small budget.

The higher cost per spot on some of the larger channels like ITV, Channel4E4, Five, ITV3DaveMore4 and ITV2 enables advertisers to reach high numbers of adults C2DE with a single broadcast.

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Television Viewing for Adults C2DE

The C2DE demographic encompasses a wide range of socio-economic profiles, from skilled manual workers through to pensioners, single parents and lowest grade employment. Consequently, the audience base is one defined by diversity, with high levels of television consumption one of very few unifying characteristics.

There are approximately 21 million C2DE adults residing in the UK, with the majority earning under the national average of £24,000 a year. Unemployment and part-time occupations are prevalent, with 34% of C2DE women out of work.

Generally speaking, C2DE men and women are also more likely to be single or separated than ABC1 adults, but whereas men often have fewer commitments and thus more regular television viewing habits, a high proportion of C2DE women are young mothers, with over 50% having children under the age of 18, which means an increase in shared and fragmented viewing.

Television Advertising to C2DE adults

C2DE adults are known for their voracious appetite when it comes to television consumption, with many considering it an essential part of the daily schedule.

Consequently, investment in digital television is common, with over 75% of males having access to digital platforms. Sky is especially popular, and of those that acquire the service, 6% subscribe to Sky+. For women, Freeview is popular, with 90% of homes using the platform, whilst 32% own a Sky dish.

C2DE adults are known to engage enthusiastically with advertisements, and are particularly receptive to campaigns based upon interesting concepts or novelty angles. Interestingly, however, women in this bracket are slightly less accommodating towards television advertising than their male counterparts. 

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Television programme content for C2DE Adults  

Though the Sky Sports network is a keen point of interest at the weekends for C2DE males, the majority of their television consumption, like women, is seen during the week, with general entertainment, reality television, comedies and film areas of specific interest.

Channels such as ITVE4, Dave and Five attract a large audience, with programmes like Big Brother, X Factor, Jersey Shore and Top Gear popular amongst both males and females.

C2DE women also hold a fondness for soaps such as Emmerdale and Coronation Street, content not so keenly pursued by men.

Channels such as Quest, Living, ITV3 and ITV2 are popular, with the likes of Holby City and Casualty ranking highly.

C2DE mothers watch a relatively sizeable amount of children’s programming during daytime slots as a result of shared viewing with children.