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TV Channels watched by Kids 4 to 11

The TV channels in the image above, all provide the advertiser a route to reaching kids 4 to 11. The channels on the left have relatively small audiences, a low cost per spot and a high percentage of kids 4 to 11 watching their programmes. The channels on the right have relatively large audiences, a high cost per spot and provide higher volumes of kids 4 to 11 per broadcast.

The low cost per spot on some of the smaller channels like Cartoon NetworkNick Jr and Nickelodeon provides the opportunity to show kids 4 to 11 viewers an advert multiple times for a relatively small budget.

The higher cost per spot on some of the larger channels like ITV, Channel 4Five, CITV and ITV2, enables advertisers to reach high numbers of kids 4 to 11 with a single broadcast.

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Television viewing for children 4 to 11

Children aged between 4 and 11 watch on average 1.5 hours of television a day during term time, with most of the television viewing done pre and post school, in the early evenings and at weekends. School holidays unsurprisingly generate much higher viewing hours. According to recent research, 30% of parents stated that they allow their child to eat breakfast and dinner in front of the TV at least once a week; with many believing the television is a valuable learning resource for their children during the formative years of development.

Digital television for kids 4 to 11

With digital television both widely accessible and regularly consumed, television advertisers can target kids aged between 4 and 11 with relative ease. Toys are the dominant area of interest that brands look to promote, with the likes of Lego, Barbie and Toys R Us all key players in the children’s market – positions they manage to maintain in part through the use of targeted advertising campaigns, with parents likely to engage with campaigns too as a result of shared viewing.

In addition to this, brands such as Kellogg and Nestle seek to create advertisements with a fun and interactive element so as to forge an association with such themes in the minds of child viewers, with the 4 to 11 age range generally enticed by novelty angles.

In a society driven by media technology, the age of maturity is becoming progressively younger, with the nation’s youth shaping their perceptions of the world around them on the diverse range of media content available at their fingertips. For television advertisers, this demographic warrants particular attention as an audience base offering high levels of profitability.


Television programme content for Kids 4 to 11

Children’s channels garner sizeable television audiences amongst both girls and boys.

The majority having access to digital television, as a result of the greater choice in children’s content.

Channels of particular interest include the likes of Nickelodeon, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, CITV and Disney.

Programming such as Horrid Henry, Zoey 101, Transformers Reanimated and Scooby Doo Mystery Inc are all staples of daily television consumption.

As children edge closer to adolescence, pop culture also becomes more of a fixture in their lives.

Music videos aired on channels such as Pop, Pop Girlz and Kix all catering to this specific audience by combining cartoons with the latest pop music.