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TV Channels watched by Men ABC1


The TV channels in the image above all provide the advertiser a route to reaching men ABC1.

The channels on the left have relatively smaller audiences, a lower cost per spot and a high percentage of men ABC1 watching their programmes. The channels on the right have relatively large audiences, a high cost per spot and provide higher volumes of men ABC1 per broadcast.

The lower cost per spot on some of the smaller channels like;  Motors TV, Extreme, At The Races  and Sky Atlantic, provides the opportunity to show men ABC1 viewers your advert multiple times for a relatively small budget.

The higher cost per spot on some of the larger channels (Sky Sports News, ITV, Channel4, Comedy Central, Sky News, DaveMore4 and Five) enables advertisers to reach high numbers of men ABC1 with a single broadcast.

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Television Viewing for Men ABC1

Due to the lack of free time generally enjoyed during the week, weekends comprise the main bulk, 35% on Fridays and Saturdays overall, of television viewing for ABC1 males. Sports programming is popular, with live premiership football, Rugby Union, Cricket and Tennis all areas of recreational interest.

Current affairs programming is also appreciated, with news content accruing a sizeable ABC1 male audience. Documentaries, such as Planet Earth and Dispatches, are a further source of enjoyment, whilst general entertainment like the X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing is regularly viewed with the whole family.

As a consequence of the relatively high wages earned by ABC1 males, investment in the latest media technology is frequent, with the vast majority owning digital television systems. Many subscribe to premium services, with Sky popular as a result of its sport and film offerings.

Indeed, the Sky Movies and Sky Sports networks are two of the most popular areas of television viewing, along with the ITV digital roster and channels such as Sky Atlantic, which broadcasts high-quality drama.

Due to the demands of the ABC1 males daily routine, timeshifted viewing forms a sizeable part of his television viewing. Internet usage is prevalent within the demographic, with over 60% claiming access to broadband connections.

As a result, online TV catch-up services are popular, allowing television advertisers to tap into an extensive market and construct effective, targeted multi-platform campaigns.

The importance of careers for men within the ABC1 demographic means that television viewing comprises a smaller part of their daily routine than, say, the elderly or young mothers.

Research also suggests that this demographic is more likely to live within a family environment, with an estimated two-thirds married with children. Consequently, television viewing is likely to be shared, meaning ABC1 males have less time to consume TV related to their own personal interests.

Television Advertising to Men ABC1

ABC1 males are often materialistically inclined, and are known to strongly engage with advertisements. Products of interest include cars, holidays, technology and luxury products such as cologne, with brands like BMW, Apple, Thompson, various national tourism boards and Christian Dior providing examples of successful advertising aimed at up-market males.

Statistics highlight that, over the last decade, the number of adults residing in the ABC1 socio-economic group has risen steadily. Alterations in the economic landscape, as well as an increase in educational opportunities and changes in employment patterns, have seen a shift in focus away from blue-collar employment towards ‘knowledge professions’.

Within the ABC1 demographic, 12.8 million are male, which represents over a quarter of the adult population in the United Kingdom. The ABC1 male, as a result, represents a sizeable target audience for television advertisers seeking to communicate with specific demographics.

By definition, the ABC1 socio-economic group spans those of an upper middle class standing to adults within the lower middle class, or upper working class, depending on your source of information.

Typical occupations within this demographic range from higher managerial positions to supervisory roles, with full-time employment almost a prerequisite. The majority live in London or the South East, due principally to better job opportunities.

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Television programme content for ABC1 Men   

ABC1 men exhibit fragmented television viewing habits as a result of career and family responsibilities.

As a byproduct of this, the majority of television consumption is seen during weekends, with sports and quality drama constituting the basis of the demographics content tastes.

Programming related to current affairs and documentaries is often viewed on week nights.

Programming such as Top Gear, regularly featured on the likes of Dave, offer effective television advertising slots for brands keen to exploit the consumer mindset.

Generally speaking, the demographic is also image-conscious, and thus receptive to male-orientated cosmetic products, such as hair-loss remedies and top of the range razors, with brands like Gillette and The Belgravia Centre familiar to ABC1 males.

Their willingness to invest in the latest technology makes digital television an effective platform for advertisers to utilise, with targeted television campaigns aided by audience-specific, tailored channels that cater to the specific tastes of various demographics.

Internet television and time shifted viewing are also popular, offering further, flexible opportunities to increase the coverage of targeted advertising campaigns.

ABC1 males are generally sensitive towards television advertisements, and are likely to engage with a product they believe will satiate their consumer needs. This makes targeted advertising campaigns even more effective, with the correct strategy likely to generate a satisfying return on your investment.

Above all else, the demographic demands quality programming, running parallel with their expensive consumer tastes