TV Advert Broadcast Times

TV advertising during All Time day part

Advertising on TV across all the day parts 'All Time', facilitates businesses with a potentially vast audience reach, encompassing an extensive breadth of viewer demographics.


The time of day dictates which audiences are tuning in to your TV ad, with early peak and late peak generating the highest full time worker viewing figures, for example, whilst housewives and children typically saturate the breakfast daypart.

Generally, TV advertisers seeking to target the adult 55+ demographic gain access to consistently steady TV viewing figures at all times during the day, a characteristic that applies to the aforementioned housewives demographic too.

Women generally consume more television content in a single day than men, with different age groups peaking during different day parts. Adult 16-34 viewers, for example, have a particularly high prevalence during the early peak day part.


In terms of socio-economic trends, both C2DE and ABC1 TV viewers have proven to be avid television consumers. ABC1 adults typically make more use of niche, digital specialist channels such as Sky Atlantic and UK Style, whilst C2DE viewers are more likely to flood Freeview, general entertainment broadcasters such as ITV, Channel 5E4 and Really.


It is important, however, to emphasise the fact that businesses advertising on TV through all day parts will tap into sizeable audiences from both demographics.


An all time television campaign broadens the potential reach of your product and expands the breadth of your viewing audience.

Hypothetically, if you were to launch a £100,000 television advertising campaign across all day parts, 60% of your spend would be allocated to the peak day parts in a 50/50 split, 25% would be reserved for the daytime day part, 10% breakfast and 5% post peak.


What this means is that, generally speaking, your All Time television campaign would have a presence across all day parts, presenting your brand to all demographics without targeting any in particular.


For the exact cost of advertising during all time, or to discuss a television advertising campaign for your business, get in touch by completing our television campaign planning form.

All Time TV Content

Television programming changes throughout the day on each TV channel, supplying brands that choose to advertise all time with a varied range of content.

For example, Channel 4 will typically broadcast a mixture of children’s programming, such as The Hoobs, and sitcoms like Frasier, with brands such as Asda and Phones 4 U targeting the predominantly housewife-based viewing audience.

Daytime viewing encompasses content such as Countdown and Deal or No Deal, with brands such as DFS and Go Compare joining the party for a share of the wide and varied adult audience.

The evening day parts focus mainly on general entertainment programming such Hollyoaks, Million Pound Drop and Secret Millionaire, with mature content such as Shameless introduced later in the evening; attracting the likes of Specsavers, Vodaphone and L’Oreal.

The wide range in content seen on Channel 4 is reflected across other TV channels, with Dave airing the likes of Dragon’s Den and Top Gear during the daytime day part before reconfiguring the focus towards more risqué comedy series such Mock the Week and QI XL in the late peak day part.

Generally, TV channels across the digital spectrum centre their television schedules on general entertainment in the evening, with game shows and reality programming having a greater presence during the day. News content tends to remain a fixture throughout the whole day.