TV Advert Broadcast Times

TV advertising during early peak day part


The early peak day part comprises the hours from 17:30 to 20:00, a pocket of time that hosts a notable expansion in the audience demographics tuning in for an early evening stint in front of the TV. Whilst housewives continue to provide a sizeable viewership alongside the 55+, substantial male, full time worker, 16-34 and 45-54 audiences also enter the fray, providing television advertisers with a diverse and highly targetable range of demographics.


Unlike the preceding breakfast and daytime day parts, early peak exhibits a generally more even spread of ABC1 and C2DE viewers, though typically terrestrial television viewing tends to hold more popularity amongst C2DEs, as opposed to the slight bias towards ABC1 seen on some digital TV channels such as Sky 2.


With such a variety of demographics available, the early peak day part is popular amongst a wide range of businesses looking to reach their audience with a television advertising campaign.


MTV, for example, facilitates brands such as Dell, Gumtree, Mars, Love Film and O2 with the opportunity to tap into key markets, whilst ITV3 is prime hunting ground for the likes of National Accident Helpline, MacMillan and Direct Line, all of whom target the channel’s older adult viewership. Sky Sports 1, conversely, provides a substantial male audience for brands such as Carlsberg and Victor Chandler and William Hill, demonstrating an example of targeted television advertising during the early peak day part.


The early peak day part marks the point in the day where, for thousands in the UK, the daily grind is slowly easing to a halt. Many are arriving home from a day at the office or classroom and gravitating towards a source of relaxation. Television is one such source, proving its clout with the viewing figures and audience demographics underpinning the early peak day part.


It’s a time for families to gather catch up on news and, perhaps most notably, unwind. Television viewing during early peak is also an accompaniment to evening routines such as dinner, and with a generally better quality of television programming broadcast during peak, engagement tends to be higher.


With such large TV audiences and quality content available during the early peak day part, the cost per thousand is typically higher than that seen during thebreakfastdaytime and post peak day parts. Prices can be tripled during early peak compared to off-peak day parts, yet the audiences generated are also substantially greater, meaning that, relatively speaking, running a television advertising campaign during the early peak day part can be a highly cost-efficient solution to your marketing needs.


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Early Peak TV Content

The early peak day part is a hotbed for soaps, sitcoms and general entertainment programming; with Channel 4 airing popular shows such as Come Dine With Me and The Simpsons, ITV broadcasting Emmerdale and Coronation Street, and Channel 5 showing Neighbours and Home & Away.

Indeed, discounting the terrestrial TV giants, some of the most viewed channels during the early peak day part include general entertainment broadcasters such as E4Sky1 and ITV2, all of which attract a wide, though generally younger, adult audience base with programmes such as Futurama, The Big Bang Theory, Hollyoaks and The Cube.

Whilst the above channels and programmes generate a sizeable mass audience, niche digital broadcasters cater for smaller, more targetable demographics.

The Sky Sports network, for example, receives a boost in television ratings during the early peak day part as full time workers, especially those of the male variety, flood in from work and tune in for an evening of live football and other sporting events.

Likewise, music channels such as VH1 climb the TV ratings ladder upon the onset of early peak due chiefly to the influx of teenagers and young adults arriving home from school, college or work.