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TV advertising during late peak day part


The late peak day part stretches from 20:00 to 23:00, inheriting to an extent the early peak television audience that precedes it.


Whilst still attracting a sizeable female, 55+ and housewives viewership, full time workers, men and younger adult viewers also consume late peak TV content in their droves, distinguishing late peak the day part as a premium, highly sought-after television platform for many businesses.


As with the early peak day, late peak carries a more evenly-distributed balance between C2DE and ABC1 viewers, though, as has been seen during the breakfast, daytime and early peak day parts, there is a greater prevalence of C2DE viewers tuning into the larger Freeview channels such as ITV, Channel 5ITV2 and Really. TV channels such as Sky Atlantic and Food network do display a slight ABC1 bias.


Taking into consideration the late peak day part’s defining audiences and programming, brands such Zoopla, William Hill, Kwik Fit, Marks & Spencer and Love Film al look to tap into the their respective markets with high-profile TV advertising campaigns. All place a particular focus on full time workers, a demographic whose TV viewing presence grows considerably during late peak.


The late peak day part generates substantial TV viewing figures as a result of the influx of adult audiences arriving home from a day at work. Supplemented by the considerable 55+ and housewives audiences that tune in for prime time television programming, TV advertisers gain access to the sea of ravenous media consumers, many of whom are advocates of multi-screen viewing and, subsequently, generate notable conversion rates for brands running integrated campaigns.


With television being the primary source of relaxation and social activity for a large proportion of TV viewers during the evening, the late peak day part can be a golden opportunity for business looking to make a big impact.


The cost per thousand for advertising during late is generally the same as that of the early peak day part, meaning that, though the cost per thousand could be up to 3x more than that available during breakfastdaytime and post peak, the late peak day part can attract TV audiences tenfold the size of off-peak day parts.


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Late Peak TV Content

For many broadcasters, due to the considerable audiences generated the late peak day part provides the perfect platform for flagship programming.

ITV airs the likes of The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent during this timeframe, whilst over on Channel 5 Big Brother takes centre stage.

Drama series and generally more serious, hard-hitting content becomes common as the hours progress, with Sky Atlantic airing shows such as Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire for the enjoyment of the generally older adult audience that saturates digital television during the late peak day part.

As is evident during early peak, male audiences become more prominent during the late peak day part, with many gravitating towards the likes of Sky Sports 1 and documentary-focused channels such as Discovery.

Ford Monday Night Football and series such as Mythbusters have a strong male pull, whilst younger viewers tend to linger around the general entertainment programming aired on Sky1 and E4, amongst others.