TV Advert Broadcast Times

TV advertising during post peak day part

The post peak day part spans the hours from 23:00 to 06:00, typically generating a broad adult audience that includes both men and women, housewives, 16-34, 35-44, 45-54 and 55+, as well as students and full-time workers.

Television viewing during the post peak day part is generally more popular amongst the C2DE demographic, with a bias visible across both digital and terrestrial television platforms.

Television advertisers such as, Lending Stream, Bet365, McDonald’s and William Hill tend to saturate the post peak market with TV adverts aimed at adult viewers. There is also a high prevalence of dating websites advertising to single viewers, with the likes of E-Harmony and looking to tack themselves onto the heart strings of post peak audiences.

Unsurprisingly, the cost per thousand during the post peak day part is significantly less than those seen in early peak and late peak, with prices the same as breakfast and daytime. However, due to slightly lower viewing figures, advertising on TV during the post peak day part is typically the least expensive of all the day parts.

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Post Peak TV Content

The post peak day part, as a result of the watershed, provides a launchpad for more challenging content of a mature nature, as Channel 4’s late night schedule regularly attests.

Programming such as Rude Tube, as well as documentary specials like Lost Children, are a feature of the post peak day part, as are repeats of prime time soaps and drama series.

The likes of E4 and Sky Living air episodes of flagship shows such as Misfits, Scrubs, Supernatural and Medium, whilst other TV channels, notably Channel 5, broadcast interactive gaming programming such as SuperCasino.